Wat Arun Sunset Surprise

Sunset River Dinner – Arun Residence

Sunset River Dinner – Arun Residence

Once you are in a foreign country you wanted to set for great memories. The best way to do it is dining in Wat Arun while appreciating the beauty of its sunset. This could only be done at Arun Residences Luxury Restaurant. Their spacious Deck by the River is the perfect place to do your one of kind dining getaway. You’ll be able to see a backdrop of sunset looking in Wat Arun Temple. The place can only get through reservation policy to ensure high standard of server by their staff and gastronomically flavored dishes cooked by their homegrown elite chefs. Prepare your wallet to pay around of $25 per servings of meal. This very serene place while enjoying food and being captive through wonders of their sunset behind famous Wat Arun Temple can’t get any wrong move to set-up a dinner.




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