Top 3 Activities around Bangkok

Top 3 Activities Around Bangkok - Bangkok Experiences

Top 3 Activities Around Bangkok (photo credit Roving-Aye!) – Bangkok Experiences

You won’t run out of activities to do when staying in Bangkok. Sight, sounds and smells circle all around the city which entertains all of its visitors. The experience around Bangkok consists of sigthseeing, pampering and relaxation that are truly enjoyable. When most people come to Thailand on holiday, they often walk down a well-trodden path which was blazed by other tourists over the years. If it is not in the guidebook then it cannot be worth visiting. But, then is often not true. We have found many interesting tourist attractions around Bangkok that are not in any guidebook.

Temple Tours

Bangkok Temple Tours - Bangkok Experiences

Bangkok Temple Tours (photo credit Greg Knapp) – Bangkok Experiences

Bangkok houses 400 temples scattered to different districts, roads and or streets. Three among the famous temples are Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Pho. But after that, where would you continue your revered tours around Bangkok? Several undiscovered temples are awe to inspire lots of tourists that once coined to growing Buddhism. Never leave your camera as these temples are worth to add to your temple photo gallery. Temples observe proper dress decorum so strictly must follow. Never let to get dehydrated as this city is really hot and very humid. Always have a proper planning for an awe-revered temple tours around Bangkok.



River Cruise

Bangkok River Crusie - Bangkok Experiences

Bangkok River Crusie (photo credit eGuide Travel) – Bangkok Experiences

Busy market at daylight and relax diner cruise are what river cruise along Chao Phraya River in Bangkok makes it memorable to all guests. The cruise is always lovely as you will see several activities of Thai people busy about their daily chores. When nighttime, the city transform into a bright light district that emits stunning light attractions that every tourist gets wow.  Expect to get wet if using long-tailed boat during wet season and calm atmosphere at daylight. Enjoy the lunch and dinner while enjoying the river cruise. The canals are still charming for whoever wishes to seek the peaceful atmosphere amidst bustling Bangkok.



Shopping at Floating Market

Bangkok Floating Market Shopping - Bangkok Experiences

Bangkok Floating Market Shopping (photo credit Dennis Jarvis) – Bangkok Experiences

One of the acclaimed activities in Bangkok is the shopping around the floating market where they sell crafts and food. Bangkok excels in one major category when it comes to shopping of cheap stuff. The tradition of bargaining and Thailand’s well-honed sense of fun is elevated to elation in the markets where a simple purchase can be all smiles and compliments. The difficulty is finding your way around the floating market and which among of those have the best offer to tourists. This listing will be a big help to know which among of those floating market best place to visit is. Streets in Bangkok is definitely polluted and crowded but aside of that, they also have refreshing and colourful floating market that won’t slash a lot cash flow of your wallet.


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