Top 4 Shopping Haven in Bangkok

MBK Shopping Mall - Bangkok Experiences

MBK Shopping Mall (photo credit Rory MacLeod) – Bangkok Experiences

If you’re a shopaholic who also loves traveling, it’s likely that one way for you to get a feel for a city or culture is to immerse yourself in each place’s unique marketplaces so you know what’s local and good. There’s really nothing quite like getting down and dirty in those bazaars or night markets, haggling your way down to a great bargain with a must-have souvenir or artifact in your hand, no? Luckily, there are quick tours that take you to the meatiest, most genuine shopping centers in Bangkok. When you’re done, all you have to do is hop back into your ride and get whisked back to your hotel, ready for a good night’s sleep or a longer night out in the town.
MBK Shopping Mall 

MBK Shopping Mall - Bangkok Experiences

MBK Shopping Mall (photo credit Peter Zoon ) – Bangkok Experiences

Built in 1985 as the Asia’s oldest shopping centers in Bangkok once sprouted to bring the best of Thailand in biggest perspective. MBK or Mahbookkrong Center in Bangkok is popular to Thai teens that present a towering 8-floor shopping mecca composed of the shoe store, clothing boutiques, electronics and gadget center, cinema complex, spas and salon, food hub and 2000 stalls that sell foreign products. This mall also applies haggling skills so better get pumped up to do this. This shopping center is known for gadget center that sells, trade, buy and fix all kinds of electronics and gadgets you have with a good price to offer and if you are good on marketing strategy, bargaining for price is a thumbs-up. The MBK Centre’s distinctive blue entrance makes it easy to spot from far away.


Chatuchak Weekend Market ­­­

Chatuchak Weekend Market - Bangkok Experiences

Chatuchak Weekend Market (photo credit edwin.11) – Bangkok Experiences

For the ultimate shopping experience is best done at Chatchak Weekend Market. Though only opens for the weekend, locals and tourists wait to come weekend to circle this market to find the best deal and best Thai items to eat, buy and experience. There is almost everything can find in this market at a bargaining local price (not a tourist price), and most vendors actually come from local factories, like antique wood carving, clay handicrafts, local souvenirs from every part of Thailand, Buddhist amulets, wooden furniture, hand-made decorated flowers, plant, ceramic wares, dolls, Thai Bejarong, Chinese wares, garden decorated plants, stones, trendy fashions, silk, hill-tribe outfits and more miscellaneous, etc. Prepare to deal in this chaotic crowded market but simply brings authentic Thai destination.


Asiatique Night Market

Asiatique Night Market  - Bangkok Experiences

Asiatique Night Market (photo credit Prachanart Viriyaraks) – Bangkok Experiences

Thanks to European culture and Thai aspiration to growth, ASIATIQUE Night market arises along Chao Phraya River and continuously brings success to the lifestyle of Bangkok’s trendiest landmark. Its 300 metre stretch makes glittering photo-ops among the evening delight of the river. The bazaar hosts a diverse range of shops and stall offering everything from expensive name-brand to cheap fake ones and chic designer clothing boutiques. The up-beaten market scale of ASIATIQUE caters a pleasant surprise to wide-spenders up to budget-wiser tourists. Asiatique has swiftly become Bangkok’s premier night bazaar for tourists, as well as a go-to hang out spot for trendy locals. Overall, it’s a bazaar well done. Lastly, enjoy the beautiful cold breeze of Chao Phraya River while enjoying its skyline at Asiatique Sky towering Ferris wheel.

Siam Square 

Siam Square - Bangkok Experiences

Siam Square (photo credit ruben i) – Bangkok Experiences

The melting pot for teenage culture of Bangkok. Not only known for best diner in Bangkok but also a great place for entertainment, party hub, cinema complex and shopping delight that everyone will truly see to brighten their stressful day. The area around Siam Square has become the undisputed center for shopping in Bangkok. It stretches for a km or two from the MBK-Center in the West to Central Chidlom in the East. Most, but not all, shopping malls and department stores are close the skytrain stations of Siam Square and Chitlom. While having the largest number of big shopping malls in Thailand, the area is not overly appealing. While having obviously benefited Bangkok commuters, the design and aesthetic appeal of the skytrain pillars and tracks leave much to be desired.
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