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mrt in bangkok


Bangkok MRT

Bangkok MRT

Fastest. Easiest. Coolest.  As tourists we wanted to experience life of Thai people. We can only say that we felt being a Thai if we use their much known mass transportation – MRT. MRT or Mass Rapid Transit vehicle they have are one of the fastest, easiest and coolest mode of transportation in Thailand that should be one of your list to visit. It connects to every road and has a direct access to some of the busiest streets of Bangkok. Prepare to have same little walk from different stairs transferring to other stairs as some trains have connecting rides to other places. As tourists who use to be regularly visiting Bangkok, this one is for you but for newbie traveler in Bangkok, you can try once any train but use it of means of transporting to one attraction to another, skilled enough you should be.  We advise you take tuk-tuk or taxi to really reach the attraction as most train stations are a bit far from any destination in Bangkok. Ticket price ranges from cents to $3 per day to month of access depending on station you’ll go.



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