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Bangkok Taxi

Bangkok Taxi

Aside from their MRT and water taxi, they also have the common vehicle that can be use when circling amazing Bangkok, no other than their taxi. Their no shortage of taxi in Bangkok from colors of traditional green-yellow and red-blue up to newly produced bright colored taxi of orange, red and even pink can be one of your vehicles to visit diners, famous landmarks and touring around busy streets of Bangkok. As every place, there couldn’t be an escape from traffic jam as traffic in this country is really annoying. Stock more patience in your heart and mind as it could really be a problem in streets before you could reach your destination.  Taxi fare costs start from $0.06 per kilometer. As I have mentioned it could be change due to traffic problem. If there is a red light over taxi or in front of taxi it means it vacant. Never get in a taxi with drive that negotiates for price. Don’t expect taxi driver to know everything about the city and can be communicating through English as some are not really educated. Bring your map and point them the destination. Tips are not required but if you insist, go on and give some.



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